Picnics can be boring for those who haven’t come with preparations, but Harts of Stur facilitates its buyers with all those outdoor essentials which are a must for your picnics and outdoor activities like gardening.

Harts Of Stur is an online in-store, functioning since its establishment in 1919 and knows what’s best for its customers. It not only sells a comprehensive range of products but also aims to offer them at high-quality to match the mindsets of its buyers. Shake a leg and reach for yours by scrolling down and clicking on the link of the chosen item. 

  • Judge Cast Iron 18cm Skillet
  • Zero In Knockdown Mosquito Killer Re-fill 30ml
  • Ooni Premium Natural Firestarters
  • Burgon & Ball Houseplant Snips
  • Burgon & Ball Malibu Blue Large Glazed Pot
  • Brakeburn Trailing Cooler Bag
  • Navigate Madagascar Picnic Blanket Zebra Stripe
  • Natural Elements Recycled Plastic Jug, 1.6L
  • Coast & Country by Tower Heritage 2-Person Picnic Hamper

Judge Cast Iron 18cm Skillet

Skillet can be carried for your little outdoor camps to make breakfast over small cylinders. It is made from cast iron, making it a versatile metal, permitting it to retain heat serving, keeping food hotter for an extended period. 

This skillet is oven-safe up to 240 C. It is not only suitable for all hob types, including induction but is also ideal for use on BBQs.

Zero In Knockdown Mosquito Killer Re-fill 30ml

The itching and tingling during camps are so frustrating! For your ease, Harts of Stur has introduced this mosquito killer designed to kill mosquitos, midges and biting insects on their approach. 

It comes up with a 30ml refill which is available to purchase separately. It is suitable for both your home and travel use.

Ooni Premium Natural Firestarters

The following Ooni Premium Natural Firestarters are easy to carry for any of your outdoor stays and perfect for camps, hiking and other adventurous trips. 

Whether with pellets or wood, start your fire easily and store it in a dry and safe place. These firestarters contain absolutely no dreadful and nasty chemicals, which results in a clean and odourless burn. It is produced from a coating of paraffin wax and wood shavings, having a burning time of around 10 minutes.

Burgon & Ball Houseplant Snips

These Burgon & Ball Houseplant Snips help keep your plants at the peak of perfection, ideal for shortening and pruning flowering houseplants, including Orchids. It is reached chiefly by those who love gardening and taking care of plants.

It is crafted in stainless steel, which makes the blades rust-resistant and easy to keep clean. The scissor action blades with precision pointed tips are outstanding at isolating and detaching the stem to be removed. 

They have excellent controllability due to the handles’ soft-feel grip. For the safety of its buyers and society, Harts of Stur does not sell knives to those under 18. 

Burgon & Ball Malibu Blue Large Glazed Pot


If you’re looking for Boho-style decor, this indoor and outdoor plant pot makes a statement on its own or is teamed with other colours within the Malibu assemblage.

Burgon & Ball Malibu Blue Large Glazed Pot also has its share in Burgon & Ball Malibu’s collection. It stocks a subtle modern range of pots with an understated speckled finish with Dimensions: 14cm diameter x 13cm high.

It is also available in cream and green hues to let you choose the pot of your choice.

Brakeburn Trailing Cooler Bag

This stylish Brakeburn Trailing Cooler Bag Life’s a picnic with the ability of its interior plastic to keep your lunch cool. At the same time, you use either the carry handles or adjustable shoulder strap to take it with you on your excursions.

This cooler bag has its shell and coating made from a hundred percent cotton with polyurethane lining for carrying it with comfort. The two smaller inside compartments make it spacious to let you add some boxes at once. 

Navigate Madagascar has a range of tropical homewares that features a collection of bold animal print designs. These designs have brought to life a range of kitchen and dining options, both indoor and outdoor, and this Zebra blanket is part of it. 

This striking Zebra print Madagascar Picnic Blanket is perfect for picnics and camping. It is crafted from polyester and is wiped clean with a waterproof backing.

For easy transportation, it’s supplied with a carry handle and adjustable shoulder strap, measuring 150cm x 135cm.

Natural Elements Recycled Plastic Jug, 1.6L

This Natural Elements Recycled Plastic Jug is crafted from recycled plastic, ideal for outdoor entertaining, parties, barbecues and picnics.

It is an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastics and more robust than delicate glass. It has a generous 1.6-litre capacity and a lid to keep dirt, dust, and insects at bay when used outdoors. This reusable jug is adorned with an attractive leafy pattern with a neutral putty shade finish and can be teamed with other sustainable items in the Natural Elements collection.

It is robust, durable, dishwasher safe and can be cleansed in warm, soapy water. It is supplied with a 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee for your benefit.

Coast & Country by Tower Heritage 2-Person Picnic Hamper

This Coast & Country by Tower Heritage 2-Person Picnic Hamper comes pre-packed with all the essentials a 2-person picnic would need.

This two-person picnic hamper is Lightweight and portable, made from a robust Willow material, plus it has leather carry handles to make carrying the basket more comfortable.

This hamper is suitable for your long walks to the park, countryside, the beach or for enjoying a romantic date outdoors, making it ideal for timeless classic and a true icon of Summer,


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