9 Stylish Curtains to revolutionize your place of residence


You can showcase who you are through how you design your living space and have plenty of opportunities to express yourself. From choosing colours to decorating the sofa with pillows, you can create an environment that will promote growth for you and your family and make an enduring impression. You can create a peaceful space with simple colour palettes, a cosy and inviting home with warm tones, or an area with vibrant and fascinating decorations with bold motifs.

Home decor allows us to express ourselves and directly affects our behaviour. Suppose a man who works in a place with a pleasant scent was found to have greater self-assurance when it came to setting challenging goals, whereas those in an odourless space were more likely to apply practical methods.

Here, we will be discussing in detail one of the home decor, that is, curtains.


A curtain is typically a fabric or fabric-like material used to obstruct light, airflow, or water (in the case of a shower curtain). A curtain can also refer to a movable partition or screen in a theatre, which is used to split the stage from the audience or form a backdrop.

Benefits of Curtains

Different types of heavy fabrics are used to make curtains, which can absorb light and insulate heat to different extents. The distance from the window to the curtain should be small enough to prevent air currents from flowing either above or below and to keep the temperature in check. Though certain architectural elements can reduce drafts, they are usually only applied for aesthetic purposes and to make a room feel cosier.

1. Sheer Or Net Curtains

Sheer or net curtains are made from see-through fabric, such as a lightweight polyester voile, silk or nylon crafted marquisette or ninon, and cotton lace. These curtains let in a lot of light while providing UV protection while still allowing people inside the home to look out at the view outside. However, these sheer fabrics provide limited insulation against heat. Additionally, because of the material’s transparency, those inside the house can observe the outdoors without those outside being able to look in.

2. Uncoated Fabrics

Uncoated fabric is the following step of thermal insulation and light absorption. Uncoated fabrics make up the majority of fabrics used for curtains. They are made out of a fabric that is woven tightly, usually a combination of cotton and polyester, which is generally opaque when viewed in natural light. Uncoated fabrics offer a good amount of heat insulation because of their tight weaving but are too thin to completely block out bright light. Because of this, when curtains constructed from uncoated fabrics are closed to keep out direct sunlight, the light will still be visible through the fabric as it is reflective.

3. Coated Fabrics

A coated fabric results from a regular uncoated cloth with a thick rubber layer covering the rear side to enhance light absorption. To make this type of fabric, a liquid rubber polymer is applied to a single coating of the uncoated material and then solidified with the help of a hot roller, similar to how a laser printer transfers toner to a piece of paper before drying it. A fabric that has gone through the coating process just once is referred to as a “1-pass-coated” fabric, also known as “dim-out” or “blackout”, due to its capability to absorb roughly 50-70% of direct light. 

To further increase the light absorption of the fabric, it can be recoated up to a maximum of “3-pass-coated”, which is enough to block out 100% of the direct light and, thus, is called a “block out-coated” fabric.

How to Tie Curtains?

Curtains can be pushed up and held open with tie-backs, which typically comprise a loop of fabric, twine, or another item that is threaded through a ring fixed to the wall and secured with a knot, button, or velcro. These may also be decorated with tassels. Alternatively, curtains can be opened and closed using draw-pulls, plastic, wood, or metal rods that can be twisted and/or pulled. These draw-pulls or curtain rods are attached to a runner or the first hook. A curtain hook is used to prevent them from falling off the edge of the curtain rail.

Concept of Draperies and Portières

It is common to hang curtains inside a building’s windows to obstruct light entry, for example, at night to assist with sleeping or keep illumination from leaving the building (to keep people outside from being able to see inside, usually for privacy). In this case, they are referred to as “draperies”. Curtains hung across a doorway are called portières.

Get to know about more home decor, like cushion covers and wall decor, which will enhance the appearance of your place.

1. Pencil Pleat Max Blackout Thermal Curtain


1. Superior Thermal Insulation: The Pencil Pleat Max Blackout Thermal Curtain is equipped with superior thermal insulation, helping to retain warmth and keep your interior cosy throughout the year.

2. Total Blackout: This blackout curtain completely blocks out light from the outside, allowing you to sleep peacefully or create a movie theatre atmosphere in your home.

3. Modern Design Touch: Sleek pencil pleat design adds a modern touch of style to any room in your house while also providing practical benefits like total blackout and draught protection.

4. Improved Air Quality & Comfort Levels: By blocking out draughts, this curtain will help improve air quality levels within the home and overall comfort levels for occupants.

5. Cost-Effective Solution: Investing in this simple plain curtain is an affordable way of protecting yourself against unwanted light and draughts all year round!


1. High Cost: The Pencil Pleat Max Blackout Thermal Curtain is more expensive than other curtains on the market, making it a less affordable choice for some households.

2. Not Waterproof or Moisture Resistant: While this curtain is designed to block out light and draughts, it does not have any waterproof or moisture-resistant features that could otherwise protect your interior from dampness in wetter climates. 

3. Limited Colors Available: This blackout curtain only comes in one colour – black – meaning there are limited options available when attempting to match your home’s existing décor with the styling of your curtains.

4 . Difficult Installation: Installing these curtains can be difficult as they require several steps, such as measuring and adjusting each panel before fitting them into place correctly – something which may take longer than anticipated without prior knowledge or experience in appropriate window treatments.

5. Necessity for Multiple Panels: Depending on the size and shape of windows, using multiple panels may be necessary; however, this could also lead to further complications during installation if not done correctly.


  • Material 100% polyester
  • Size per Panel 229cm X 229cm H
  • Total Area 10.4 square feet
  • Max Blackout Blackout
  • Thermal
  • Soft touch

Product Details

Experience superior thermal insulation and total blackout with the Pencil Pleat Max Blackout Thermal Curtain. This innovative and straightforward plain curtain is the ideal addition to any room in your home. Not only does it block out unwanted light and draughts, but it also helps retain warmth, keeping your interior cosy and comfortable year-round. With its sleek pencil pleat design, this blackout curtain will surely bring a modern touch to any room. Invest in the Pencil Pleat Max Blackout Thermal Curtain for a stylish and practical solution to your draught and light problems.

£54.99 At Wayfair

2. Carianna Room Darkening Pencil Pleat Curtain Pair


1. Block Out Light: The Carianna Room Darkening Pencil Pleat Curtain Pair will help keep your space dark and cosy while blocking out light. 

2. Keeps Heat In/Out During Winter/Summer: These curtains will reflect the heat during winter and summer to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room no matter what season it is. 

3. Stylish & Elegant Design: With its simple yet elegant design, this curtain pair suits any kind of room in the house for an added touch of sophistication to your home decor.

4. Triple-Woven Fabric Quality: Crafted from a triple-woven fabric, the Carianna offers quality that stands up against time’s test.

5 Versatile Usage: You can use them with both track or rod, making them suitable for all kinds of uses and living spaces.


1. Prone to Wrinkles: These curtains are made of a lightweight triple-woven fabric, which tends to get wrinkled quickly.

2. Lack of Colour Options: The Carianna Room Darkening Pencil Pleat Curtain Pair only comes in classic black and white, so there’s no room for creativity or making your colour combination if desired. 

3. Limited Light Control: While the Carianna gives you reasonable control over the light entering the room during summer, it does not provide complete blackout capabilities that some people need when they sleep during daylight hours due to work schedules or other reasons like shift workers who sleep in the daytime.

4. Not Child-Friendly Design: As these curtains do not have any decorative features, such as tie-backs or ribbons at their hems, they may seem boring for young children living in this space since they love bright colours and playful designs around them. 

5. Low Durability: Due to its lightweight fabric, these curtains have low durability compared with thicker ones which will last longer without showing signs of wear & tear much sooner than expected.


  • Material Composition 100% Polyester
  • Package Contents: 2 Matching Curtain Panels
  • Noise Reducing
  • Pencil Pleat
  • Room Darkening

Product Details

Bring a classic and stylish touch to any room with the Carianna Room Darkening Pencil Pleat Curtain Pair, crafted from a triple-woven fabric; these curtains are perfect for blocking out light and keeping your space dark and cosy. Great for the summer, they will also help retain the heat in the room during the winter and reflect the heat out of the room during the summer. This simple and elegant pair of curtains will suit any room in the house and make a great addition to your decor. Add a touch of sophistication to your place with the Carianna Room Darkening Pencil Pleat Curtain Pair.

£46.99 At Wayfair

3. Waller Room Darkening Pencil Pleat Curtain Pair


1. Elegant Design: The Waller Room Darkening Pencil Pleat Curtain Pair features a timeless embossed texture design that adds sophistication to any home.

2. Improved Home Comfort: These curtains are woven with thermal triple weave technology, providing insulation to keep your house heated in the winter and cool in the summer. 

3. Easy Installation & Maintenance: The pencil pleat curtain pair is ready to hang and easy to maintain with machine-washable fabric for added convenience and longevity.

4. Energy Efficiency: The curtains help limit heat loss during cold months, which can reduce energy bills over time while blocking out damaging UV rays during hot weather.

5. Versatility & Privacy: Their room darkening abilities make them an excellent choice for bedrooms or living rooms as they effectively block out light when needed.


1. Limited Colour Options: The Waller Room Darkening Pencil Pleat Curtain Pair only comes in a few colours, making it difficult to match the decor of other rooms.

2. Difficult to Install: Installing these curtains can be time-consuming and challenging, as they require precise measurements and careful installation procedures that may be difficult for some people to follow.

3. Expensive Price Tag: These curtains come with an expensive price tag which may not be suitable for those on a budget or who are just starting with interior design projects in their home. 

4 . Can’t Stop All Light From Entering: While these curtains have room-darkening features, they will not completely block all light from entering the room unless combined with additional window treatments such as blackout shades or blinds. 

 5. Damage Easily: With its delicate embossed texture design, the Waller Room Darkening Pencil Pleat Curtain Pair is susceptible to damage due to temperature changes and heavy use over time.


  • Thermal
  • Noise Reducing
  • Pencil Pleat
  • Room Darkening
  • Panel Pair
  • Pole Pocket Diameter 7cm
  • Heading Height 1 cm H

Product Details

Add a touch of decency to your home with the Waller Room Darkening Pencil Pleat Curtain Pair. These curtains are woven with an all-over embossed texture design, creating an elegant and timeless look that will add class to any home. But it’s not just about looks – these curtains feature thermal triple weave technology, which keeps your home warm in winter and chill in summer. The Waller Room Darkening Pencil Pleat Curtain Pair is the perfect way to add style and comfort to your place.

£59.99 At Wayfair

4. Hadley Room Darkening Pencil Pleat Curtain Pair


1. Stylish and Eye-Catching: This modern set of curtains has a stylish geometric pattern of small squares that is eye-catching.

2. Light Blocking Fabric: Crafted from a polyester fabric designed to block out the light, these curtains are perfect for bedrooms or any other room in need of darkness. 

3. Easy to Install: The pencil pleat header makes them easy to install and convenient for use in any space with ease.

4. Range Of Colours Available: These Hadley Room Darkening Pencil Pleat Curtain Pairs come in various colours, making it easy to find something that perfectly suits your décor needs! 

5 Variety Of Sizes To Choose From: Several sizes are available when purchasing these curtains, ensuring you get the right fit for your home windows!


1. Difficult to Clean: Due to its intricate design, cleaning the Hadley Room Darkening Pencil Pleat Curtain Pair can be difficult. Tiny particles of dust and dirt can get lodged between the pleats, which are hard to reach with ordinary vacuums.

2. Easily Torn Material: The polyester material used in these curtains is lightweight and prone to tearing if mishandled or caught on furniture or other objects around your home. 

3. Limited Colours Available: This curtain pair is only accessible in a limited range of colours which may not fit into everyone’s home decor scheme properly, limiting versatility for buyers who have specific colour schemes for their interior space designs 

4 . Noise Reduction Not Guaranteed: Although these curtains are designed as room darkening solutions, they do not necessarily guarantee complete noise reduction due to the lightweight nature of their fabric construction 

5 . Colour Fading Over Time: The long-term exposure of this curtain pair’s fabric material will result in some fading over time, making them unsuitable for extended use.


  • Pencil Pleat
  • Heading Height 10cm H
  • Bottom Hem Length – Top to Bottom 4 cm
  • Room Darkening

Product Details

Introducing the Hadley Room Darkening Pencil Pleat Curtain Pair; this modern set of curtains is perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in any room. These curtains are stylish and eye-catching, with a geometric pattern of small squares. Crafted from a polyester fabric designed to block out the light, they are perfect for bedrooms or any other room that needs a bit of darkness. Plus, the pencil pleat headers make them easy to install. Available in a range of colours, this curtain pair is the perfect way to add a touch of style to your home.

£61.99 At Wayfair

5. Falkner Room Darkening Eyelet Curtain Pair


1. Thermal Insulation: The triple weave technology’s thermal insulation helps keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

2. Noise Reduction: These curtains’ embossed texture design helps reduce noise from outside, creating a peaceful environment indoors. 

3. Easy Installation & Operation: With their eyelet diameter of 4cm and heading height of 10cm H, these curtains are easy to install and operate effortlessly with just a pull or two on the drawstring for controlling light or privacy settings as desired.

4 . Style Upgrade: These Falkner Room Darkening Eyelet Curtain Pairs bring an elegant touch that can instantly upgrade any window’s look whilst still providing functionality such as blocking out light when needed.

5 . High-Quality Fabric: This curtain pair is made from high-quality fabric designed for long-lasting use without compromising its style quotient.


1. Not Machine Washable: The Falkner Room Darkening Eyelet Curtain Pair is not machine washable, making it difficult to keep clean and maintain.

2. Limited Size Options: This curtain pair has limited size options, making it difficult for customers to find the right fit for their windows or doors.

3. Expensive Price Point: Many consumers may be put off by the relatively high price point of these curtains due to their limited features and lack of customization options compared to other curtains on the market today that offer more features at a lower cost.

4. Limited Color Choices: These curtains only come in white and black, limiting design choices when decorating a room’s interior look or feel with matching furniture pieces and wall adornments in various colours, from light pastels to bold hues.

5 . Difficult Installation: The installation process can be pretty tricky as well because of its intricate eyelet system, which will require some time-consuming effort on the part of consumers who have no prior experience installing such window treatments products before


  • Thermal
  • Noise Reducing
  • Eyelet
  • Room Darkening
  • Eyelet Diameter 4cm
  • Heading Height 10cm H
  • Bottom Hem Length – Top to Bottom 5cm

Product Details

The Falkner Room Darkening Eyelet Curtain Pair – is an ideal way to create a cosy, comfortable atmosphere in any room. This set of curtains is designed to darken any room without making it completely black out. With a slight sheen that catches the light, these semi-plain curtains with a self-coloured textured cross-hatched pattern add style and sophistication to any home.

The unique triple weave technology used in these curtains creates a thermal barrier; the all-over embossed texture design adds the perfect touch of elegance to any window, helping to enhance your living at home. Get ready to experience the ideal balance of light and dark with the Falkner Room Darkening Eyelet Curtain Pair.

£42.99 At Wayfair

6. Floral Printed Blackout Curtains


1. Stylish Design: The stylish eyelet curtain design adds a beautiful touch to any space.

2. Thermal Insulation: These curtains provide effective thermal insulation.

3. Blackout Effect: With their blackout effect, these curtains can ensure your room remains dark during the day or night for complete comfort when you want it most!  

4 . Ready-Made Installation: There’s no need for sewing or hassle with the ready-made installation of these Floral Printed Curtains—it’s easy! 

5 . Variety of Colors & Prints Available: Enjoy a variety of colours, such as Red Curtains or prints like floral patterns that are sure to captivate you and bring life into any space!


1. Limited Color Options: Eyelet Curtains are limited in colour options and may not fit the desired aesthetic of certain rooms. 

2. Low Privacy Protection: Red curtains do not provide adequate privacy protection for specific windows, allowing people outside to see your home. 

3. Wrinkles or Creases from Shipping/Storage: Ready-made curtains may have wrinkles or creases from shipping and storage that need to be ironed before correctly hanging them up in a window frame.

4. High Price Point for Quality Printed Floral Curtains: The price point for quality printed floral curtains can be high due to the intricate design work required on each curtain panel.

5. Poor Light Blocking Performance: Blackout Curtains can sometimes fail at light blocking as they tend to let some unwanted light through their tiny gaps along the side edges of each panel.


  • Eyelet Curtains
  • Red Curtains
  • Ready Made Curtains
  • Printed Floral Curtains
  • Blackout Curtains

Product Details

Introducing these gorgeous Floral Printed Blackout Curtains Thermal Curtains! These curtains will transform your home with their vibrant red floral pattern and thermal insulation. With its 90″ x 108″ size, these curtains will make a statement in any room. Not only are they appealing and beautiful, but they are also blackout curtains that will keep your home dark and comfortable. The ready-made design is easy to install and the perfect addition to your home. Get these Floral Printed Blackout Curtains Thermal Curtains today and add a touch of beauty and comfort to your home!

£50.99 At Wayfair

7. Pencil Pleat Max Blackout Thermal Curtain


1. Maximum Energy Efficiency: The Pencil Pleat Max Blackout Thermal Curtain helps keep your home warm and comfortable by blocking out draughts, retaining warmth, and keeping out all unwanted light.

2. Versatile Application: This chic and simple plain curtain is suitable for any room in the house, making it a great choice for easy decorating solutions! 

3. Easy to Install & Maintain: With its unique pencil pleat design, this curtain can be quickly installed with minimum effort while also being easy to maintain! 

4. High-Quality Materials Used: Made from high-quality materials like thermal insulation fabric, this blackout lining ensures maximum durability of up to 10 years or more of use!

5. Size Variety Available: These blackout thermal curtains come in various sizes, so you’ll find one that fits perfectly into any space you have at home


1. Cost: The Pencil Pleat Max Blackout Thermal Curtain is more expensive than conventional curtains due to the added materials needed for thermal insulation and blackout lining.

2. Size Limitation: The size of this curtain is limited to 4.2 square feet, which may not be suitable for some rooms with more oversized windows or doors that require more coverage than this size offers.

3. Difficulty in Cleaning: This type of curtain can be difficult to clean as the material tends to become stained easily and may need professional cleaning services if a deep clean needs to be performed on it regularly 

4. Limited Design Options: This model has a plain design, so there are limited options when selecting different styles or colours that fit your taste or interior decoration preferences. 

5. Not Suitable For All Seasons: Although applicable during colder months by providing increased thermal insulation, this product would not provide any cooling benefits during summertime, making it unsuitable for year-round use in warmer climates.


  • Max Blackout Blackout
  • Thermal
  • Soft touch
  • Size per Panel 114 Cm X 183 cm H
  • Total Area 4.2 square feet

Product Details

Welcome the Pencil Pleat Max Blackout Thermal Curtain into your home! This innovative and simple plain curtain is suitable for any room in the house and offers superior thermal insulation for maximum energy efficiency. Keep your home warm and comfortable by blocking out draughts, retaining the warmth, and keeping out all unwanted light with this blackout lining. So don’t wait any longer and get the Pencil Pleat Max Blackout Thermal Curtain today.

£54.99 At Wayfair

8. Lloyd Harbor Blackout Pencil Pleat Curtain Pair


1. Energy saving: The curtains are designed to reduce the energy used in a room, providing insulation and helping regulate temperatures. 

2. Yarn-dyed woven jacquard: This fabric is lightweight yet durable and provides a luxurious feel to any room with its intricate design detail. 

3. Eyelet diameter 8cm: The curtain rod can be easily hung using the 8 cm eyelets for convenience, making it easier to install than other types of window coverings like blinds or shades that require screws or brackets installation.

4. Noise-reducing properties: These curtains offer superior noise reduction capabilities, blocking sound from outside your home and keeping conversations private within your own four walls.

5 . Blackout feature: The blackout feature ensures complete darkness when required, ideal for those who work night shifts or have young children who need uninterrupted sleep during daylight hours.


1. Expensive: Energy-saving curtains are usually more expensive than regular curtains, making them a costly investment for any home.

2. Installation Difficulties: Installing energy-saving curtains can be difficult and time-consuming due to their size and weight and the need for precise measurements when hanging them in place. 

3. Limited Variety of Styles & Colors Available – The selection of colours and styles available in the energy-saving curtain is often much smaller than regular curtain options, so you may have difficulty finding one that matches your decorating theme or taste exactly.

4. Poor Insulation Properties – Energy-saving curtains do not provide good insulation from cold air or heat during summer months; thus, they may not be the most suitable choice if you live in an area with extreme temperatures throughout the year.

5. Reduced Aesthetic Appeal – Due to the reduced variety of designs available compared to other types of drapes, some people feel that they lack aesthetic appeal compared to traditional window treatments like blinds & shades.


  • Energy saving
  • Yarn-dyed woven jacquard
  • Pieces Included two panels
  • Eyelet Diameter 8cm
  • Noise Reducing
  • Blackout

Product Details

Create the perfect sleep environment in your bedroom with the Lloyd Harbor Blackout Pencil Pleat Curtain Pair. This set of curtains is designed to block out unwanted light, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep for you and your family. The curtains come in various colours, so you can find one that suits your existing decor. They also feature pencil pleats for a stylish finish and are conveniently machine washable for easy cleaning. With the Lloyd Harbor Blackout Pencil Pleat Curtain Pair, you can create the ideal atmosphere for a good night’s rest.

£56.99 At Wayfair

9. Landaff Blackout Pencil Pleat Curtain Pair


1. Full Blackout Properties: The Llandaff Blackout Pencil Pleat Curtain Pair provides complete blackout properties and thermal insulation, making it ideal for any room in your home.

2. Thermal Insulation Benefits: This product offers excellent thermal insulation benefits to keep the temperature of your home at a comfortable level throughout the day and night.

3. Easy Installation & Maintenance: With its 7cm pole pocket diameter, 2cm heading height, and 4cm bottom hem length, this product is easy to install with minimal effort required for maintenance over time.

4. Noise Reduction Qualities: The Landaff curtain pair helps reduce unwanted noise entering your living space while providing an attractive look to complement any interior design style or colour palette.

5 Durable Fabric Construction: Crafted from 100% polyester fabric construction ensures that these curtains are durable enough for long-term use without fading or wear over time


1. Difficult to Install: The 7cm pole pocket diameter, 2cm heading height and 4 cm bottom hem length makes it difficult for the average homeowner to install this product without professional help.

2. Low Light Penetration: This product provides total blackout properties, which means light cannot pass through the fabric of these curtains, making them unsuitable for specific rooms or situations where natural light is desired, such as a kitchen or bathroom window. 

3. Not Suitable in Hot Climates: Since this curtain pair has thermal insulation properties, it may not be suitable in hot climates as they could cause excessive heat buildup inside of a room due to their ability to trap air and prevent ventilation from taking place generally within a room space causing an uncomfortable environment inside the home during summer months when temperatures are already high outside.

4. Fabric Deterioration over Time: The 100% polyester material used in crafting these curtains may show signs of wear & tear due to its delicate fibres that can quickly break apart upon regular use leading to rips or tears with prolonged usage periods.

5 . High Cost & Maintenance Requirements: Regular maintenance, such as washing, ironing, proper storage etc., can add up considerably after some time since mismanagement would lead to quicker deterioration of fabric, thus resulting in more frequent replacements being required adding onto the overall cost associated with owning one set.


  • Pole Pocket Diameter 7cm
  • Heading Height 2 cm H
  • Bottom Hem Length – Top to Bottom 4 cm

Product Details

The Landaff Blackout Pencil Pleat Curtain Pair is a luxurious way to reduce noise and light in your home. This elegant panel pair, crafted from 100% polyester, provides full blackout properties and thermal insulation, making it ideal for any room in your home. With a 7cm pole pocket diameter, a 2cm heading height, and a 4cm bottom hem length, this product is perfect for creating a comfortable and cosy atmosphere.

£47.99 At Wayfair


Are curtains purchased in a single panel or pairs?

Our curtains are available in a single panel or pairs to ensure that customers who only need one panel can obtain it. At the same time, those wishing to create a unique look with their window coverings can purchase each panel separately.

How to clean off curtains?

If the instructions say hand washing or dry cleaning, then it is crucial to do as suggested. If your curtains are suitable for machine washing, remove any hooks, weights, or metallic attachments before putting them in the machine. Most drapes can handle a mild detergent and a gentle spin cycle, and they should be air-dried to prevent them from becoming smaller.

What are the three kinds of curtains?

When it comes to curtains, there are three main kinds:

  •  The first is Blockout curtains hung on a rod or hook, no matter how the top is finished.
  •  The second is Sheer curtain panels.
  • The third is Decorative curtain panels.


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