13 Seductive Cushion Covers for Home Decor


Home Décor: 

Home decor refers to the various elements utilized to make a house more attractive and pleasing to the eye. Home decor encompasses physical items and objects (chairs, paintings, and trinkets), the positioning of these items and objects, as well as the colors and materials of the living space, from flooring to cushion covers. One can choose from a wide array of home decor styles. There are an infinite number of possible color combinations, furniture designs, and arrangements of objects in a given room.

People often put a considerable amount of consideration into how they design and furnish the insides of their homes, as the objects they choose to showcase can give insight into their beliefs, goals, and preferences. Additionally, the decorations and furnishings can have a positive effect on their emotional and physical comfort.

Among the numerous home decor items that people look up to, choosing the right kind of cushion cover is mandatory.

Cushion Covers: 

A cushion cover is a removable bag that is used to encase cushions, similar to how a pillowcase does. Primarily, these covers are used as a decorative piece, offering customers a cost-effective way to demonstrate their individual tastes in the living room or as a decorative item in the bedroom.

You can give your dining room, bedroom, or any other space a new look with stylish cushion covers. These covers come in a variety of fabrics, styles, and patterns, so you can find something to fit any decor theme – modern, traditional, or something in between. Using these attractive and well-crafted covers can add a unique atmosphere to any room.

You will discover many different colors, designs, and styles of furnishings available when it comes to cushion covers. To get something that fits with your home decor, let’s start by looking at the major categories. These can generally be divided into the material, fashion, pattern, and use.

By Material: 

There is a wide variety of fabrics to choose from when it comes to the materials used to create cushion covers . If you are interested in something that is strong and long-lasting, then polyester and cotton covers are the way to go. However, if you are looking for luxury and beauty, then silk, velvet, chenille, and taffeta are the fabrics for you. Taffeta has a natural sheen to it and looks sophisticated when embroidered or decorated with appliquéing. Suede covers are made from soft leather but may be a bit more costly.

By Usage: 

Due to their widespread availability, these items can be utilized and discovered in any location. From your bed, dining chair, sofa, and furniture to the couch in your living room, there is no limitation or regulation regarding where to utilize it. Therefore, you can find different sizes and forms to suit your requirements.

By Pattern: 

You can discover all the wonderful and spectacular designs. Embroidered cushion covers are typically handmade from natural cotton, silk, or some other material. Adorning the embroidery with beads is also very widespread. Printed cushion covers are quite attractive, but if you’re looking for something plain and tasteful, nothing is better than dyed or Baltic cushion covers.

By Style: 

Jacquard has complex and aesthetic designs which give a fashionable look to furniture like sofas and couches. The designs are elevated and woven right into the fabric. In twill, you will find either parallel raised lines or diagonal lines. For Debby, geometric patterns and flowery prints are woven into the fabric. Fabric of different types is utilized to make these. 

Now that you are familiar with the importance of home decor, let us delve into one of them: a cushion cover.

13 Seductive Cushion Covers for your Home Decor

1.Cushion cover 40x40cm


  • Length 40.0 cm
  • Width 40.0 cm
  • Material Textile
  • Shape Rectangular

Product Details

Add style and decency to your living room or bedroom decor with this Cushion cover of 40x40cm. This rectangular cushion cover features a beautiful white and grey combination that complements home decor with a soft and comfortable linen-effect fabric for a cozy feel. This cushion cover measures 40 x 40 cm and adds extra comfort to any outdoor or indoor space. Enjoy your soft, luxurious cushion cover and create a cozy atmosphere in your home.

£21.26 At OnBuy

2.  Set of 4 Sea Life Coral Pink and Blue Sofa Cushion Covers


  • Warranty 1.0 year
  • 【Size】- 45x45cm
  • Vivid Colors and Patterns

Product Details

Add an exceptional touch to your living space with this set of four Sea Life Coral Pink and Blue Sofa Cushion Covers! Transform your living space with this set of four beautiful Sea Life Coral Pink and Blue Sofa Cushion Covers made from high-quality linen; these covers are wear-resistant and durable, making them the perfect choice for any room. Each cushion cover measures 45x45cm and features a hidden zipper for added durability. With four different patterns to choose from, you can easily add a touch of style and refresh your home, garden bench, patio, living room, bedroom, office, or car.

£119.99 At OnBuy

3.Gardenista Outdoor Cushion Cover


  • Style Design
  • Environmental certification GOTS

Product Details

With so many vibrant colors and patterns, you can create a unique and inviting look for your outdoor furniture. Bring bold and beautiful style to your outdoor space with Gardenista’s Moroccan-inspired cushion covers. These luxurious covers add great ambience and style to any home or garden. They are made from a highly water-resistant material, making them perfect for use indoors and out. Plus, they are incredibly easy to clean—simply use a damp cloth or throw them in the washing machine.

£117.99 At OnBuy

4. Deconovo Corduroy Cushion Covers


  • Length 56.0 cm
  • Width 56.0 cm
  • Material Textile
  • Color Red
  • Warranty 2.0 year

Product Details

Transform your living space today with Deconovo Corduroy Cushion Covers! Deconovo Cushion Covers are the perfect way to spruce up your home! These high-quality cushion covers feature an invisible zipper for added convenience and is crafted from soft, luxurious corduroy fabric. The decorative square throw pillow covers come in a set of two, measuring 55 x 55 cm and boasting a bright, eye-catching red color. Not only are these cushion covers aesthetically pleasing, but they are also designed to last—they come with a 2-year warranty for added peace of mind.

£72.99 At OnBuy

5. Bohemia Cushion Cover Pillow Case


  • Length 45.0 cm
  • Width 45.0 cm
  • Material Microfibre
  • Color Beige

Product Details

Make a statement in your home with our Bohemia Cushion Cover Pillow Case Linen Cushion Cover 45X45cm Decorative Pillow Case! This beautiful set of 4 cushion covers is perfect for adding a touch of bohemian charm to your home! This beautiful set of 4 beige cushion covers is made from high-quality microfiber velour and features cute pompoms around the edges for a fun, decorative look. Each cushion cover measures 45.0 cm in length and 45.0 cm in width and has a hidden zipper in the same color for easy installation.

£19.59 At OnBuy

6. Cushion Cover Jungle Tropical Leaf Set of 4


  • Color Multicolor
  • Warranty 2.0 year
  • Cover type Pillowcase

Product Details

Enliven your living space with our Cushion Cover Jungle Tropical Leaf Set! This fun and vibrant set of four decorative cushion covers features wild animal tigers, leopards and green leaves and is perfect for decorating your bedroom, living room, or sofa. The pillowcases are made of premium polyester material, making them comfortable and skin-friendly or pet-friendly. The package includes a set of four pillowcases measuring 45cm x 45cm (18×18 Inches), and no filler or insert is included. So give your home a fun and stylish makeover with our Cushion Cover Jungle Tropical Leaf Set of 4!

£56.99 At Wayfair

7. Outdoor Cushion Cover, Set of 4


  • Warranty 1.0 year
  • Measure 45 x 45 cm
  • Hidden Zipper
  • Material Polyester

Product Details

Spruce up your outdoor space with this set of 4 Outdoor Cushion Covers! Add these stylish cushion covers to your outdoor space and transform them with a new look! Each one is lightweight and breathable polyester for a comfortable feel, and the hidden zipper design makes for easy removal and cleaning. Multiple designs are available, so you can choose the style to match your home, garden bench, patio, living room, bedroom, office, or car. The cushion covers measure 45 x 45 cm and is machine washable for easy care.

£128.99 At wayfair.uk

8. Paoletti Wild Fauna Botanical Print Cushion Cover


  • Style Design
  • Size: W40cm (16) x L60cm (24)
  • Colour: Emerald
  • Material: 100% Polyester

Product Details

Looking for a unique, stylish addition to your home? Look no further than the Paoletti Wild Fauna Botanical Print Cushion Cover ! It is crafted from 100 percent polyester; this piece will stand out. The cushion cover features an eye-catching design of leaves, passion flowers, a plain reverse, and pomegranates and will bring a luxurious touch to any room. With its soft velvet touch and piped trim, it adds a touch of sophistication to your home. Plus, its durable fabric technology ensures it will last for years. With its hidden zip closure, you can be sure that this cushion cover is securely fastened. 

£146.99 At wayfair.uk

9. Fall, watercolor, autumn pumpkin, cushion covers


  • Warranty 2.0 year
  • Cover type Pillowcase
  • Size: About. 18×18 inches, 45 X 45 cm, Material: Cotton Linen.

Product Details

Welcome the Fall season with these stunning Fall, watercolor, and autumn pumpkin cushion covers, perfect for adding a touch of warmth to your living room. These cushion covers are made from a cotton and linen blend and feature a modern minimalist farmhouse style fall design. The set of 4 pillowcases comes with a maple pillowcase with blessings of the season 18 x 18, a gnome pillowcase, and two other fall harvest designs. These cushion covers are the perfect gift for family and friends and will give your home a cozy autumn feel.

£131.99 At wayfair.uk

10. Furn Sienna Twill Woven Fringed Cushion Cover


  • Size: W45cm (18) x L45cm (18)
  • Colour: Blush Pink
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Includes: Cushion Cover

Product Details

Introducing the Furn Sienna Twill Woven Fringed Cushion Cover – a stylish choice for your home décor crafted from 100% cotton, this cushion cover is plush, soft, and slub to the touch. With its height and width, this square cushion is the perfect size for any sofa, armchair or bed. The fashionable fringed trim further enhances the sophisticated and modern design. The Furn Korin Fringed Cushion Cover has a hidden zip closure to secure the cushion. With its durable fabric technology, this cushion cover is sure to last for years to come. Enhance your home décor now with the Furn Korin Fringed Cushion Cover.

£56.99 At wayfair.uk

11. Exotic Plant Motif Square Scatter Cushion Cover


  • Dimensions: 46cm X 46cm W X 0.1cm D
  • Pillow Shape: Square
  • Cover Material Composition: 100% PES UV
  • No commercial warranty

Product Details

Transform your outdoor space into a stylish and exotic oasis with this stunning Exotic Plant Motif Square Scatter Cushion Cover! Expertly crafted with the highest quality materials, this cushion cover features an eye-catching positive/negative image of an exotic plant motif, adding a unique and beautiful touch to any outdoor area. The cover also features a convenient zip fastener for easy removal and cleaning. With this cushion cover, you can make your outdoor area as stylish and inviting as your indoor space. Add a pinch of luxury to your outdoor area today with this Exotic Plant Motif Square Scatter Cushion Cover!

£17.95 At wayfair.uk

12. Nancie Indoor/Outdoor Square Scatter Cushion Cover


  • Length: 45 cm 
  • Width: 45 cm 
  • weight: 0.1 kg 
  • Pillow Shape: Square
  • Cover Material Composition: 100% Polyester

Product Details

Bring a touch of modern style and comfort to any space with the Nancie Indoor/Outdoor Square Scatter Cushion Cover. This unique cushion cover features a vibrant, stylish design and is perfect for adding a touch of charm to any sofa, couch, bed, bedding, rug, curtains, bench, seating and more. The cover is made from durable, environmentally friendly fabric that won’t fade thanks to new digital printing methods and won’t harm the health of you and your family. It’s the perfect addition to any home, office, playroom, kids’ room, cafe, study, studio, club, bar, and more. Give the gift of style to yourself or a loved one with the Nancie Indoor/Outdoor Square Scatter Cushion Cover.

£84.99 At wayfair.uk

13. Soliel Floral Square Scatter Cushion Cover. 


  • Length: 43 cm 
  • Width: 43 cm 
  • Cover Material Composition: 100% Cotton
  • Pillow Shape: Square

Product Details

 Soliel Floral Square Scatter Cushion Cover! This beautiful cushion cover is crafted from 100% cotton, featuring big, bold, and beautiful leaves in tasteful shades. The effortless spontaneity of the graceful design hints at the strokes of an artist’s brush, with cool colors to create an irresistible backdrop to everyday living. It’s perfect for adding a touch of nature to your living room, bedroom, or any room in your home. Get your Soliel Floral Square Scatter Cushion Cover today and enjoy the beauty of nature in your home!

£49.99 At wayfair.uk

Advice by the Experts

When selecting a cushion pad, it’s best to pick one the same size or larger than the cushion cover for added fullness and comfort. Avoid selecting a cushion pad smaller than the cover, as it will leave gaps in the corners with no filling – an overstuffed appearance is much more visually appealing and comfortable.


Which materials are often employed for creating cushion covers?

Cotton and linen fabrics are often employed for creating cushions, as they are both durable and machine-washable. Being natural materials, these are suitable for individuals with sensitive skin. Additionally, they are pleasantly cool, making them a great choice during the warmer months.

How to choose your cushion cover?

  • Survey your surroundings for motivation. Your abode is your ideal teacher: select hues and accents that enhance or coordinate with your furniture, curtains or wall paint.
  • Explore concepts. 
  • Choose what look you are trying to achieve.
  • Contemplate how you would like to employ your cushions.


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