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Adding exquisite lighting to your home can transform it into a relaxing and rejuvenating oasis. The task of finding a pendant lamp or floor lamp suitable for your home decor project can be challenging. Lighting for home renovations, home improvement projects, light bulbs, lamp shades, mounting and fixings, cables, and electrical from Lamp and Light.

Discover what you’re looking for by browsing the collection. Let these beautiful and warm white outdoor string lights create the perfect atmosphere for spending the evening relaxing and enjoying yourself. These lights will make entertaining guests in your garden, garden parties, and dining outdoors more accessible. At this price, you can purchase eye-catching lighting pieces at a considerable saving.


  1. Outdoor wall lamp dark grey IP44 motion detector – Ruben
  2. Set of 5 G53 AR111 LED 10W 800LM 3000K Dimmable
  3. Outdoor post brown 80 cm IP44 – Jason
  4. Set of 5 E27 LED G95 Filament 5W 360LM 2200K Dimmable

Outdoor wall lamp dark grey IP44 motion detector – Ruben

Are you looking for new items for your home and garden or seeking ways to make a house feel like home without spending too much? The business was founded in 1991 in Arnsberg, Sauerland, Trio Leuchten. A decade later, we are getting on for 30 years. In the decorative home lighting sector, they are among the leading companies. Innovative product ideas are the cornerstone of our success, as are a high degree of flexibility and a continuous customer-centric approach.

In addition, they have joint ventures in Italy, Spain, and Scandinavia. It will be an exciting future with plenty of scope for new challenges, and they look forward to welcoming you. A wall lamp can enhance the look of your garden, Ruben. A garden with a dark gray colour instantly looks sleek. This approach can extend the modern living style outside and inside.

The lamp is equipped without E27 lichbtron (max. 28 watts). With a length of 12.5 cm, a height of 33 cm, and a depth of 18.6 cm, the lamp has a dimension of 12.5 cm x 33 cm x 18.6 cm. Mounting plate dimensions are 8.5 cm long, 33 cm high, and 2.5 cm deep. A Ruben wall lamp contains a motion detector, making it easy to turn on as soon as you walk by, an assurance that your garden is always safe. Put an end to your waiting. You can enrich your garden or facade with this sturdy wall lamp. 

Set of 5 G53 AR111 LED 10W 800LM 3000K Dimmable

LUEDD bulbs come in various colours and can be controlled by a smartphone, tablet, Amazon’s Alexa, or Google Home via voice commands. A switch can turn the bulb on and off, dimmed, and controlled in terms of colour temperature. You can download the LUEDD app to your smart device and connect via WiFi.

Whether you want warm-white lighting of 2700K or cool-white lighting of 6500K, all from the comfort of your home. This set of 5 practical and functional G53/AR111 LED bulbs has an effective light output of 800 lumens and a 3000K colour temperature to achieve a warm, welcoming environment. It is usually used with larger recessed fixtures to use G53/AR111 spotlight bulbs.

This item is a sphere with a diameter of 11.1cm and a height of 6.5cm. This light source can achieve a dimmable beam angle of 24 degrees. Because it comes with a transformer, it is excellent for those lamps that don’t have a driver or transformer. The lights are energy-efficient and long lasting, making them ideal in buildings such as restaurants, shops, and offices. Grab this chance while you can, as they have fantastic quality and offers. If you buy the lamp and light together, the price can be further reduced by £66.00. 

Outdoor post brown 80 cm IP44 – Jason

Do you need a standing outdoor lamp that is both functional and beautiful? Established in 1991 in Arnsberg, Sauerland, Trio Leuchten started in one truck. It’s been 30 years now, a decade after we started. A high degree of flexibility and a continuous customer-centric approach are vital ingredients of our success, along with our ability to be customer-centric continuously.

They are among the top companies in the decorative home lighting industry. The company also has joint ventures in Italy, Spain, and Scandinavia. Among them is Jason! A rust brown with gray finishes the outdoor light is manufactured from wood and steel. This object measures 80 cm in height, 14 cm in length, and 14 cm in width.

If you are completing Jason, you must locate a light source with an E27 fitting. Make sure these are ordered separately. Splash-proof, the outdoor pole has an IP44 value. You can display it next to the entrance, on the terrace, or in the garden shed. Adding a standing outdoor lamp like Jason to your garden will create a sense of atmosphere. 

Set of 5 E27 LED G95 Filament 5W 360LM 2200K Dimmable

The set of five E27 G95 globes LED bulbs with a light output of 360 lumens has gold-tinted and line filaments that provide a sophisticated look. For a decorative finish in any room that makes a statement with a golden hue, this light bulb is ideal for E27-compatible lamps. Complete with a 2200K colour temperature, it creates a perfectly warm atmosphere when lit up.

It features a height of 13.5cm and a diameter of 9.5cm. A lamp and light effect from them are of impressive quality and offer a wide range of options. Take action now, and don’t waste time. It is also possible to find other websites that provide the same product for the same price, but this website does not charge shipping. You’ll find a great range of sales. Discover how lamps and light effects can save you money.


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