9 Astounding Wine Coolers To Chill Your Wine 


Alcoholic beverages like wine are usually created through the fermentation of grapes. The types of grapes and the yeast used are integral elements in crafting different varieties of wines. These variations are the result of complex interactions between the ripening process of the grapes, the fermentation process, the atmosphere and the climate the grapes are grown in (terroir). Yeast, a micro-organism, breaks down the sugar in the grapes and produces ethanol and carbon dioxide with the release of heat. 

Pros and Cons of Intake of Wine

Consuming alcohol-containing drinks such as wine in a moderate amount (one to two drinks every day) by healthy people has been linked to a lower chance of suffering from cardiac issues. Additionally, light to moderate alcohol consumption also lessens the probability of a stroke caused by a blood clot in a blood vessel. While there is some proof that taking a moderate amount of wine could potentially help ward off congestive heart failure, it can be detrimental for a person who already has this illness. Alcohol intake can exacerbate chest pain and congestive heart failure. Moreover, it can aggravate liver disease and can make mental issues more severe, as well as hamper cognitive abilities.

Wine Consumption Around The World 

While numerous countries are known for their love of wine, certain nations are especially fond of it. 

The greatest wine enthusiasts are in the usual wine-producing countries. France and Italy are in the top positions of drinking the most wine per person. Yet, the country that drinks the most wine per person is Portugal, with 52 litres per individual per annum. The data also shows that some wine-producing countries do not seem to be fond of their own products, consuming only a little of them. In contrast, a few countries are quite fond of wine but don’t produce wine much. 

Wine Coolers

If you have invested in a considerable amount of wine, have purchased more than what can be consumed in a single month, or wish to let the flavour of the wine mature over time, then investing in a wine fridge is a feasible option. Appropriate storage of wine bottles will help preserve the taste and scent of the beverage by protecting it from the damaging effects of sunlight, heat, temperature fluctuations, and vibrations. This will ensure that the wine you enjoy is as flavorful and aromatic as possible when you choose to open it.

A wine cooler is among one of the many types of refrigerators and is specially constructed to provide the ideal temperature for storing wine. It can be of tiny size, or it can be as large as a common refrigerator. The main purpose is to ensure that wine is kept at a chilled temperature.

Features of a Wine Cooler

This item features shelves that are angled to maintain your wine in the ideal position, and it utilizes certain design elements to guarantee that your wine stays suitable and flawless.

Wine chillers are made to maintain a specific temperature, usually running between 50 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit, to stop the wine from spoiling and maintaining its flavour. Additionally, the vibration from the compressor motor is limited to prevent the wine from being shaken or stirred, which could disrupt the wine’s maturing process.

Many wine coolers are engineered to reduce the amount of natural lighting that penetrates the bottles stored within. Light can have a detrimental effect on the taste of the wine, so make sure that a limited amount of natural lighting enters. The cooler is essential in keeping the wine preserved.

 Types of Wine Coolers

  1. Free-standing Wine Coolers: 

Free Standing Wine Coolers are created to be used as a single unit and not to be combined with a kitchen. They are typically implemented to replicate a wine storage facility for the enduring storage of wines. 

It is not recommended to use them as a built-in wine cooler because the heat is released from the back of the unit, where the cold air is also pulled in. If the hot air is not able to escape around the unit, it will cause overheating. We propose having two to three inches of space on either side of the unit and making sure it is not blocked from above.

  1. Fully Integrated Wine Coolers:

These wine fridges are intended to fit into whatever storage space is available and give a hovering look. The warm air is also expelled at the back of the cupboards, so a duct must be added to any kitchen plan to make sure the right air circulation is accomplished. These built-in wine fridges are great since they make a smooth appearance in any cooking area and have the capability to store wines perfectly for a long time while looking remarkable.

  1. Built-In Wine Cooler: 

Built-in wine coolers are like stand-alone pieces in that they rest on the floor, equipped with vents in front and a fan underneath to draw in the cool air and release the warm air from either side of the vent. Depending on the size of the fridge, there should be at least 0.25-0.5 cm of space around the sides. 

These units are usually used as under-counter coolers, as they come in different sizes that can fit beneath most countertops. Moreover, there are larger models available, which can store over 200 bottles of wine, making them suitable for wine enthusiasts and interior designers.

After familiarizing ourselves with what wine coolers are, let us look at the nine most astounding wine coolers that cannot only chill your wine but serve as an excellent addition to style your home. 

1. Mquvée Built-in Wine Cooler

Introducing the perfect addition to any kitchen: a built-in wine cooler with a 700 mm high door! This wine cooler is perfect for the European market, with a total height of 82/89 cm and a width of 40 cm. It can easily be built-in under the kitchen counter or used as a stand-alone option and will give a sleek impression with its elegant design.

This wine cooler has two temperature zones and a seamless door (door without joints), making it the perfect choice for storing your favourite wines. It also features five wooden pull-out shelves and space for up to 28 bottles, so you can store all of your bottles with ease. Whether you’re looking for a built-in or stand-alone wine cooler, this one is sure to fit all of your needs.


  • The wooden plinth that is utilized in the rest of the kitchen can also be used in front of the wine cooler, as long as the ventilation conditions are taken into consideration, as it is adjustable/detachable.
  • For those individuals who would prefer for the door of the wine cooler to open from the right direction instead of the left, we provide a reversible door feature.
  • This refrigerator has two sections that can be set to different temperatures, making it ideal for storing and serving both red and white wines at their optimal temperatures.

£1049 At OnBuy

2. Cavin Built-in Wine Fridge

Introducing the Built-in wine cooler, a top-of-the-line wine storage solution with an elegant design and an impressive 700 mm high door. This Built-in wine cooler offers two temperature zones to ensure the perfect storage environment for your wine collection. With a total height of 82/89 cm and width of 40 cm, this wine cooler is perfectly suited for the European market.

It can easily be built-in under the kitchen counter or used as a stand-alone. The wine cooler features a seamless door (door without joints) and five wooden pull-out shelves, giving you ample storage space for up to 28 bottles of your favourite wines. Enjoy the convenience and luxury of having your own Built-in wine cooler!


  • Drawers that can be moved along a track or rail.
  • Two temperature zones.
  • Black in Colour. 

£899 At OnBuy

3. Baridi 55 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

The Baridi 55 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler is the perfect way to store your favourite wines! With its sleek design and mirror glass door that has been treated to reflect ultraviolet light provide protection to your wine, this cooler is ideal for any wine connoisseur. Featuring a dual zone design, It is possible to adjust the temperature for each separate zone, with the top zone and the bottom zone being adjustable between 5-18 degrees Celsius.

Soft white LED light illuminates the interior, and stylish wooden shelves made of beech provide space for up to 20 bottles of wine in the upper zone and 35 bottles of wine in the lower zone. Compressor cooling technology ensures your wines are stored at the perfect temperature, and the automatic defrost feature makes this unit as easy as possible to use. With the Baridi 55 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler, you can store and protect your wines in style!


  •  A minimum space of 50mm is required for the rear of the fridge and 30mm for the top and both sides for ventilation.
  •  Product Dimensions (W x D x H) of 510 x 480 x 1260mm.
  • Accommodates Max. Bottle Height of 320mm.

£649.98 At OnBuy

4. Built-In Wine Refrigerator

Experience the perfect combination of modern design and superior technology with Caple’s 38 Bottle Dual Zone Built-In Wine Refrigerator. This refrigerator is designed to provide ideal storage conditions for your wine, featuring two separate temperature zones to accommodate different types of wines.

You can also trust that your bottles will be kept safe and undisturbed, thanks to the low-vibration technology. This refrigerator has a modern and stylish look that will make it a standout piece in any home. Enjoy the perfect storage solution for your favourite wines with Caple’s 38 Bottle Dual Zone Built-In Wine Refrigerator!


  • It is possible to regulate each area independently, which makes them suitable for storing or offering items.
  • The shelves have the capacity to hold bottles of 750ml capacity for Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne.
  • Lumination is produced by white light-emitting diodes that do not require ultraviolet rays or warmth.

£325.99 At Wayfair

5. Dellonda Baridi 46l Wine

The Baridi 1M³ Cubic Metre Free-standing Beverage Refrigerator is the perfect choice for all your beverage needs! This premium quality, the 80-litre device is equipped with direct compressor cooling technology and a built-in thermostat to ensure your drinks remain at the desired temperature between 3-10°C.

With a capacity of up to 110 330ml cans, you can store plenty of beer, wine, and soft drinks with ease. Furthermore, for your convenience, this refrigerator is fitted with an automatic defrost feature so that you can enjoy a hassle-free experience. Get your Baridi 1M³ Cubic Metre Free-standing Beverage Refrigerator today and keep your drinks chilled and ready for when you need them!


  • This appliance contains metal shelves that can be adjusted and also has doors that can be changed to fit your desired location.
  • The device is equipped with a light that provides a comforting luminescence and a security lock to ensure your drinks remain in their original place.
  • Dimensions: 84cm X 47.4cm X 43.2cm 

£158.98 At OnBuy

6. Cookology 60cm Wine Cooler Fridge

The Subcold Viva28 LED Wine Fridge is a modern and contemporary designed under-counter wine display fridge that will take your wine collection to the next level! Boasting an impressive 82L capacity and adjustable digital thermostat with a huge internal temperature range of 3 -18°C, this advanced compressor-driven wine cooler is perfect for all your favourite wines and drinks.

This Energy B Class model offers an internal storage capacity of 28 bottles of wine and features an internal White LED light and tempered frameless glass door. With its sleek and stylish design, this wine fridge is sure to be the perfect addition to your modern living space. So if you’re looking to take your wine collection to the next level, the Subcold Viva28 LED Wine Fridge is the perfect choice for you!


  • High-level Compressor Cooling Technology.
  • Constructed with premium materials and featuring dense foam insulation for optimal insulation.
  • Internal LED Light

£499.99 At Cookology

7.WineCave 700 60S Stainless wine cooler

The WineCave 700 60S Stainless wine cooler is the perfect choice for anyone looking to store their wines in ideal temperature conditions. This luxurious cooler comes with a unique and exclusive finish and features a door height of 700 mm to perfectly fit your European home. The cooler includes one display shelf and one wooden presentation shelf for an attractive display of your wines.

The WineCave 700 60S Stainless is perfect for building under the kitchen counter or can be used as a stand-alone appliance. With one temperature zone and a door without joints, this wine cooler gives your kitchen a cohesive, elegant appearance. Enjoy a perfect chill for all your wines with the WineCave 700 60S Stainless.


  • Shelving for display allows for an unobstructed look at your wine bottles. Put your favourite vintages on full display with these shelves!
  • If you prefer the door of the wine cooler to open in the opposite direction, this model offers a reversible option.
  • The sound produced by the wine cooler is very minimal at 36 dB, which is one of the least loud models currently available.

£1049 At OnBuy

8. Baridi 12 Bottle Wine Cooler

Introducing the Baridi 12-Bottle Wine Cooler – a space-saving and stylish way to store your favourite wines! This single-zone cooler features a beautiful tempered mirror glass door that helps to reflect UV light and protect your wine from damage while allowing you to easily see the contents at a glance.

The Baridi is designed to eliminate humming, use less electricity, and cause less vibration, making it the perfect cooler for your home. With adjustable temperature settings between 12-18C, you can easily control the climate of your cooler with just a few simple touches on the touchscreen controls. Get the perfect wine storage solution with the Baridi 12 Bottle Wine Cooler!


  • Shelving units constructed from beech wood that can be taken off easily
  • Space for upto 12 bottles.
  • Dimensions: 273 x 547 x 740mm.

£184.98 At OnBuy

9.Cookology CWC34BK 48cm Wine Cooler

Unlock the perfect way to store and show off your wine collection with Cookology’s CWC34BK 48cm Wine Cooler. This stylish cooler offers 34 bottles of storage, as well as an insulated and condensation-free window to show off your collection.

The chrome shelves are sculpted to prevent rolling or instability, while the LED light provides a soft yet sufficient illumination of your bottles. Perfect for installation in a kitchen or a dedicated bar area, this wine cooler is 48cm wide and free-standing, making it ideal for any space.


  • Capacity for 34 bottles. 
  • A window with a vast glass pane at the front
  • Interior light

£229.99 At OnBuy


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