8 Exclusive Mini Freezers of 2023


You can find a mini freezer anywhere, from a kitchen gadget to a toy. Some have convenient features like built-in storage or sliding doors, while others are designed to store specific items like ice packs, baby food, or snacks. Whatever your family needs or the situation you find yourself in, you can find a mini freezer that meets your specifications.

As convenient as they are, it’s important to remember that mini freezers aren’t suitable for storing large quantities of food. They are best suited for minor storage needs like keeping a few bags of baby food on hand or quick meals like pizza or pasta in the freezer.

Check out the types of freezers to pick out which are suitable to place in your kitchen.

Why purchase mini freezers?

Mini freezers can be a helpful addition to your home, especially if you are a parent. They are convenient because they can be stored anywhere. You can keep a mini fridge in the corner of your room or the basement. It can be used as an additional storage unit at the office or in the garage.

You can choose from various styles, sizes, and features, including upright, portable, and chest models.

How long does a mini freezer last?

Your best bet for appliances that will last you several years is to buy quality models from trusted manufacturers. A few brands with a strong track record of quality are Whirlpool, KitchenAid, GE, and Maytag.

The best way to know how your appliance will last longer is to keep an eye on its expiration date on the appliance’s paperwork. While some models stay as long as 20 years, most freezers will last at least ten years. Most manufacturers have a 10-year warranty, which is the industry standard. 

If your refrigerator-freezer has more than ten years left, it will likely last longer. Keep an eye on the seal to make sure it’s still tight. If it’s loose, it’s time to get a new one.

Electricity consumed by mini freezers

In general, a mini-fridge will consume anywhere from 10 to 20 percent of the total wattage of your household circuit. For example, let’s say your home circuit is 1000 watts; your mini-fridge will require between 50 and 100 watts at minimum. Most mini-fridge models can be installed with a capacity of between 2 and 12 cubic feet, so keep in mind that the greater the power, the more watts your mini-fridge will consume. 

To find out how much power your mini-fridge uses, consult your circuit breaker box’s electrical panel and add the watts used by all your appliances.

Do mini freezers require defrosting?

Most mini-fridges can be defrosted in a few days. However, if you know your mini-fridge will be unused for an extended period, it’s a good idea to defrost it before you leave. Defrosting can be done by unplugging it and letting it sit at room temperature. You can also defrost it on the lowest setting with no food in the mini-fridge.

Fulfil your necessities effectively!

Below, Spideroo assembled the 8 best mini freezers that will fulfil your necessities efficiently! look written down below.

Cookology MFZ32BK Black Table Top Mini Freezer 


The size of this Cookology MFZ32BK Black Table Top Mini Freezer is a perfect fit for the worktop, so you can cook right into the appliance, at the office, by your bedside, or even at uni with its compact size of 259 x 280 x 243 mm. As it has a freezer, it is also an excellent way to make ice blocks for drinks, smoothies, or other frozen treats.

Plus, it’s big enough to keep a few beers or wine bottles chilled and neat. The Mini Freezer also comes with a one-year warranty, so it’s a friendly little appliance with which you can get some peace of mind.


  • Adjustable height for different users
  • Reversible door for easy access
  • Freezer rating of 4 stars
  • HCFC-free climate 


  • Energy Efficiency: The refrigerator has an A+ energy rating, meaning it uses less energy than most standard models.
  • Low Noise Levels: As the noise level is below 42 dB, you won’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbours with loud appliance noises.
  • Capacity for Large Quantities of Food: This fridge can store a large quantity of food, ideal for prominent families or households with many members who love to eat different foods at different times!
  • Long Freezing Time: If you need to keep your food frozen for more extended periods, this fridge will be able to do so without any issues!
  • User-Friendly Design and Controls: The controls are well-placed and easy to use – perfect if you’re not experienced in using appliances like this!


  • High Energy Cost: The high power consumption of the refrigerator makes it very expensive to operate.
  • Requires Maintenance and Upkeep: The fridge requires regular maintenance, such as checking the filters, cleaning the interior, and fixing any malfunctions.
  • Limited Storage Space: This refrigerator does not have ample storage space for oversized items such as groceries or drinks。

£99.99 At OnBuy

IceKing Portable 38 cu. Ft. Upright Freezer


The TF40K.E is top-rack only and provides a considerable 380mm depth, so it can take whatever you want to store. It also has an adjustable thermometer to give exact readings and an indicator light showing when the door is open.

Whether you want to store a few bottles of wine, keep your favorite frozen meal, or have many vegetables, the TF40K.E can hold it all.


  • Beverage Cooler, 4 Sliding Glass Doors, Stainless Steel Shelves
  • Keep your drinks cold and your home cool with the IceKing. 
  • With four sliding glass doors and an insulated ice box, this refrigerator is perfect for your kitchen.


  • Indicator Light: The indicator light will show you when the door is open, so you don’t have to look for it in the dark.
  • Temperature Reading: The thermometer will give you accurate readings, so you know exactly how hot or cold your food is at all times.


  • Limited Capacity: The TF40K.E has a limited capacity of 380mm depth, so it is unsuitable for storing large items.
  • Expensive: The TF40K.E is costly compared to other top-rack-only wine rack options, and its limited capacity still makes it more expensive.
  • Not Suitable in All Weather Conditions: The TF40K.E isn’t weatherproof, so it may not be ideal for storing delicate items in inclement weather conditions such as heavy rain or snowfall/icebergs on the roof!

67L Mini Fridge


This 67L Mini Fridge is a solution for a compact and space-saving appliance. This modern, high-caliber appliance provides refrigeration efficiency with A+ energy and a 4-star freezer rating. 

This compact mini-fridge is enough for use in your home, from your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or office to under a desk. It has an icebox, a removable wire shelf, a bottle rack, and a reversible door, allowing you to customize it to suit your needs.


  • The appliance has a sleek contemporary design with a four-digit LED display showing the temperature.
  • This appliance features a reliable electronics system that ensures consistent performance every time you use it.


  • Powerful Refrigerator: With its powerful refrigerator, this appliance can keep your food cold for hours.
  • Bright and Accurate Display Screen: The screen is bright and easy to read, making it perfect for any environment.
  • The wire shelf is perfect for keeping your kitchen tidy.


  • Large and heavy: This appliance may be difficult to fit under a desk or on a counter.
  • Can Spoil food if left Open for Long periods: Left open over time, the temperature on this fridge can get too high and spoil the food inside the refrigerator’s freezer compartment).

£196.48 At Wayfair

Let U50052W.1 Mini Freezer


Looking for a convenient place to store all your frozen groceries? Look no further than the Lec U50052W.1 Mini Freezer! This freezer is perfect for storing all your frozen groceries and keeps your energy costs down.

The freezer will need to be manually defrosted to keep it running at its best, but that’s a small price for such a convenient appliance. The measurements for this model are 492 (H) x 472 (W) x 450 (D) (cm), so make sure you size up before buying! The reversible door on this model can be opened from the left or right, meaning it’ll suit any kitchen layout.


  • The freezer has a capacity of 31 liters to store one bag of groceries.
  • It has an A+ energy rating, meaning it is very energy efficient.


  • A+ Energy Rating: The Freezer is rated A+, meaning it is energy efficient and will aid you in saving money on electricity bills.
  • 4 Reversible Door: The door is reversible, so you can choose which way it opens to fit into the design of your kitchen easily.


  • Small Capacity: The Lec freezer has a small capacity, which may not be enough for some families.
  • Requires Manual Defrosting: The Freezer will require occasional manual defrosting to keep it running, which may be inconvenient for some users.
  • Reversible Door: While the reversible door is a positive feature, it ensures that it opens correctly when the freezer is installed.


£99 At OnBuy


Russell Hobbs 31l Table Top Freezer


Introducing the Russell Hobbs 31l Table Top Freezer! This nifty little freezer is perfect for those who are always running out of ice or have nowhere to store their frozen treats. With its A+ energy rating and adjustable thermostat, this freezer will keep your food fresh and your drinks cold. Whether at home, in your holiday home, or even at uni, the MFZ32WH is your new best friend. 

Furthermore, with its pretty quiet 42 decibels, the Russell Hobbs 31l Table Top Freezer is perfect for those who want to keep things quiet. So don’t wait any longer; grab yourself a Cookology Mini Table Top Refrigeration Pack today!


  • The Russell Hobbs 31l Table Top Freezeris a fabulous 4 Star Freezer that stores all types of food.
  • This Freezer is much safer than inferior products as it maintains temperatures.
  • This Freezer is perfect for storing food for extended periods, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a safe and reliable product.


  • Longer Storage Time: With a 4 Star rating, the freezer can store food for up to 12 months, compared to the 3-6 month time limit for a 3 Star rating.
  • Keeps Food Safe: The freezing temperature of -18 degrees centigrade preserves food perfectly, ensuring it is safe to eat.
  • Economical: A 4 Star rating means that the freezer is more expensive than a 3 Star rating, but it is worth it as it will last longer and keep food safe.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Suppose you have any queries or problems with your freezer; the customer service team is always available to help.


  • Can’t Store perishable food: The Freezer is unsuitable for perishable food such as milk, eggs, and meat as they will spoil.
  • Needs to be Regularly Cleaned: The Freezer needs to be regularly cleaned to bypass bacteria build-up and to maintain hygiene.
  • Can Damage Food: If the temperature inside the freezer falls below -18 degrees centigrade, it can damage food.

£179.34 At Wayfair

Cookology Mini Table Top Freezer


The Cookology Mini Table Top Freezer is the perfect appliance that could become your secret frozen treats hiding place or give your guests a more comfortable stay, so your flatmates aren’t tempted to steal your last choc-ice.

The black version of the top-selling and top-rated Mini Freezer on Amazon makes it desirable in a stylish environment such as a home bar. It’s also an ideal appliance to become your secret frozen treats hiding place, so your flatmates aren’t tempted to steal your last choc-ice.


  • The Cookology Mini Table Top Freezer is the best place to store perishable foods like Meat, Fish, Dairy, Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, Nuts, Dry Cereals, Fruits, and Vegetables. 
  • These Freezers are ideal for storing perishable foods.


  • The MFZ32BK 4 Star Freezer can store all Food types up to the Best Before Date as the temperature is kept below -18 degrees centigrade, making it Safer than inferior products.


  • Not Enough Temperature Range: The MFZ32BK only has a temperature range of -12 degrees Celsius and 0 degrees Celsius, which is not enough to store all food types.
  • Poorly Sealed: The MFZ32BK has a poorly sealed door, making it challenging to keep food items fresh.
  • More Energy Consumption: The MFZ32BK uses more energy than inferior products, adding to your electricity bill.
  • More Expensive: The MFZ32BK is more expensive than inferior products, which will add to your overall expenses.

£99.99 At OnBuy

Igenix IG3751 Table Top Mini Freezer


Looking for a way to keep your food and drinks chilled and safe? The Igenix IG3751 4-star countertop freezer is the better solution for student accommodation, households, and office environments where space is at a premium. It can be used in several different rooms and has a reversible door for versatility.

This countertop freezer was embellished to operate in temperatures between 16 and 32 degrees Celsius, has a temperature range of up to minus 18 degrees Celsius, and has an overall storage capacity of 34 liters. It utilizes 153 kWh of energy per year, making it very economical to run with an A+ energy rating.


  • The Igenix IG3751 Counter Top Freezer with Lock is controlled manually and includes one wire shelf and locking door, which is nice if you have youngsters. 
  • It is also available in the stainless steel effect model IG6751. 
  • Package Includes 1 x Igenix IG3751 Countertop Freezer with Lock Item Weight: 10.6 ounces Item Size: 10.6 x 9 x 9 inches Item model number: 99525 UPC: 8450280282061.
  • Individuals looking for a simple yet dependable countertop freezer should consider the Igenix IG3751 Freezer with Lock.
  • Warranty: one-year limited warranty.


  • The Igenix IG3751 Countertop Freezer with Lock is an excellent choice for an economical yet durable countertop freezer. 
  • It is simple to operate and includes numerous standard features, including one wire shelf and a locking door.
  • Versatility: The Igenix IG3751 4-star countertop freezer can be used in several different rooms, has a reversible door for versatility, and can be used in temperatures between 16 and 32 degrees Celsius.


  • Poor Design: The Igenix IG3751 4-star freezer has several design flaws, which can lead to issues. For example, the door is not strong and can easily be damaged.
  • Unstable Temperature: The temperature of this countertop freezer can quickly become unbalanced, causing food to spoil, which can also lead to health problems if the food is not handled correctly.
  • Not Suitable in Colder Regions: The Igenix IG3751 freezer is not suitable for colder regions, as it cannot handle freezing temperatures.
  • Expensive to Run: The Igenix IG3751 4-star countertop freezer is very expensive, consuming 153 kWh of energy each year.

£109.99 At OnBuy

HOMCOM 50 L Mini Fridge with Freezer


The HOMCOM 50 L Mini Fridge with Freezer is ideal when you want to take drinks and food wherever you go. With an electric thermostat with a digital temperature display, you can adjust it on the go to suit your exact needs. The lowest temperature for food is -20C. It is recommended to put it straight for about 8 hours before it is used.


  • Size: 19.7 x 24.2 x 9.7 inches / 491 x 610 x 241 mm Weight: 29.9 pounds / 13.6 kg What’s in the box? 1 x Brigand 18.5 Inch Slide In Camping Cooler – Black
  • The company claims that with the Brigand 18.5 Inch Slide In Camping Cooler, you can save up to 55% compared to using ice which means you spend less time in the kitchen and more enjoying your camping trip!  
  • You can take this with you on your travels without any hassles.


  • Versatile: This unit can be used outdoors, in a caravan or camper, and the home.
  • Durable: The unit is built to last, with rugged construction that will stand up to regular use.
  • Touch Screen Control: The controls are all on a touch screen, making them easy to use.
  • Highly Portable: This unit is highly portable and can be easily transported from one place to another.


  • Requires a power cord: The downside to the defrost refrigerator is that it requires a power cord which means you cannot take it with you when you go on holiday.
  • Takes up Space: The refrigerator also takes up a lot of space. It is not ideal if you want to keep your food and drinks cold while you are travelling.
  • Cannot be Used in Hot Weather: The refrigerator cannot be used in hot weather since it will overheat.
  • May Become Obsolete: The digital temperature control may not be accurate in extreme weather conditions, and the defrosting mechanism may not work as intended.
  • Expensive: The price of this refrigerator is not low and may become obsolete in the future.

£239.99 At OnBuy

What’s your preference?

Now, it’s up to you. Pick out the mini freezer which you find is fulfilling your needs.

If you have chaos like which freezers are best for your purchase? Then you need not worry because we have accumulated the best freezers for you!


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