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Mats are firm ground coverings commonly laid on floors or other flat surfaces. Mats can be utilized for various objectives, including scrubbing items that go over it, like a doormat that takes away dirt from the soles of shoes; shielding whatever is above the mat, for example, a wrestling or gymnastics mat, or a vibration-dampening mat; protecting whatever is beneath the mat, like a place mat or the matting employed for the archival framing and preservation of documents and artworks; giving a regular or even surface, such as a cushioned computer mousepad.

Functions of a Mat:

No matter the kind of structure – be it a retail store, factory, or business office – floor mats are essential to trapping dirt and moisture, eliminating slipping, safeguarding the floor, and ensuring the facility remains clean. Investing in top-notch floor mats will bring immense rewards in the long run for the building, its occupants, and its workforce. They are also employed to avert the floors from being exposed to harsh elements, such as liquids, soils, and potent chemical compounds, such as ice melt or oils that may otherwise be spread around the premises.

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Types of Mats 

  1. Classic floor mats: 

Traditional floor mats are indoor mats that defend your floor while adding visual appeal to your surroundings. These flexible mats will prevent dirt, dust, and liquid from seeping into your floors while giving beauty and comfort to your customers and staff. 


Almost any part of indoor business space, especially areas with a lot of traffic and locations that pose a risk for slipping and falling.

  1. Brush and scraper mats

Brush and scraper mats are a must for any business with a doorway. These mats have bristles that can clear away dirt, snow, and other unwelcome particles prior to them reaching your floors. This is a simple and efficient way to restrict flooring damage in the long term and lessen the accumulation of dirt, dust, and bacteria within your facility. 


Right at the entrance or any locations where customers and personnel move from outside to inside or from grimy to clean spaces.

  1. Logo and message

Allocating room to advertise your brand is a great idea. Logo and message mats effectively create a positive atmosphere in your facility that reflects your company culture and message. These mats have a classy appeal, and their placement at key entrances also helps keep your business space clean. 


To reinforce your branding, these mats can be placed at the entrance of your business or in other areas.

  1. Comfort mats

Comfort mats are potent and possess qualities that prevent slipping and mould growth. They are sturdy and secure and, at the same time, offer extra comfort and security. 


These mats are perfect for places like locker rooms, cooking spots, and other areas that require additional cushioning.

  1.  Airflex mats

Airflex mats are specifically crafted to follow the shape of the foot to provide maximum comfort. These mats diminish the damaging effects of prolonged standing, aiding your workers to stay healthier and more contented for the day, boosting efficiency.


Anti-fatigue mats should be used in any station or spot where personnel or customers have to stand.

  1. Kitchen mats: 

Anti-fatigue matting is a great option to avoid any issues with slipping or falling in the kitchen. Placing a cushioned mat near the sink is a quick and easy solution. Multiple floor mats may be necessary depending on the size of the kitchen which can be an ideal way to show off your creativity and warmly welcome your loved ones. For mothers specifically, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so selecting a floor mat that resonates with that feeling is a great idea.

Now that you are aware of the purpose and usage of mats, let us dive into 13 unique rugs that will revolutionize your home and reflect upon your lifestyle. 

13 Most Phenomenal Rugs

1.VidaXL Floor Mat

Product Details:

Introducing the vidaXL Floor Mat For Laminate or Carpet! This chair/floor mat is made from durable, long-lasting plastic and is designed to protect your floor from wear and tear, spills and scuffs. Its crack-, curl-, break-, and scratch-resistant material preserves the value and appearance of your carpet or laminate flooring.

The unique texture on the underside prevents mat movement from occurring and keeps it securely in place. The top side features a non-slip surface for easy office chair rolling. You can easily clean it off with a damp towel! Get the vidaXL Floor Mat For Laminate or Carpet for a reliable, long-lasting solution to your floor protection need.


  • Shape – Rectangular
  • Dimensions – 150 x 120 cm
  • Dirt-resistant – Yes
  • Noise dampening – Yes
  • Free from toxic chemicals – Yes
  • Fabric – PVC – 100%

£61.99 OnBuy

2. Gymstick Floor Protection Mat

Product Details:

Enhance your exercise routine while protecting your floors with the Gymstick Floor Protection Mat. This high-density mat is designed to withstand heavy cardio and strength equipment, including treadmills, exercise bikes, and ellipticals. The moisture-resistant technology makes cleanup easy with just soap and water, and the mat has different patterns on both sides for a stylish look. The mat also helps keep your equipment in place for a safer and more effective workout. Make your home gym more secure and attractive with the Gymstick Floor Protection Mat.


  • Size – 160x80cm.
  • Country of origin – China.
  • Product (cm) – 160x80x0,6.9
  • Yield (kg) – 1,65.
  • Material – PVC

£44.99 At OnBuy

3. Ebern Design’s Stylish Doormat

Product Details:

Welcome your guests with a modern and luxurious touch with Ebern Design’s stylish doormat. This stunning modern hallway runner rug features beautiful, intricate abstract modern designs with no fringe borders to offer you sleek elegance. Its modern luxurious look adds a sophisticated touch to any room in your home. Whether in your bedroom, dining room or living room, this doormat is the best choice for creating a chic and stylish atmosphere. 

 Perfect for both home and office decor, this collection works beautifully with any interior. This area rug features a pile thickness and comes in eight different colours and sizes. From bright to neutral tones, you are sure to find the right size and colour to match your style.

 With their luxurious feel and comfortable touch, these rugs are perfect for living rooms, drawing rooms, and more. And the best part? The dirt and dust on the surface can be removed easily. So make a statement and add a touch of elegance to your home with the Ebern Designs Modern Doormat.


  • Handmade
  • Material – Polypropylene
  • Backing material – latex
  • Primary Colour – Black/Blue
  • Subject – Nautical
  • Residential Use
  • Product Care – Machine washable

£43.99 OnBuy

4. Cleartex Advantagement Floor Mat

Product Details:

Introducing the Cleartex Advantagemat Floor Mat – the perfect solution for protecting your precious carpets from everyday wear and tear! This amazing mat, combining low-cost and durability, is made from approximately 25% recycled materials and up to 30% renewable materials from an on-site wind turbine, making it an environmentally-friendly choice. The mat protects your carpet from spillages, scuffs and dirt off shoes and any damage from chair wheels. This phthalate-free PVC chair mat, crafted with the highest quality ingredients, is clear, so you can see your beautiful flooring through it. Plus, it doesn’t take up too much space in your office or home. Get the Cleartex Advantagemat Floor Mat today and enjoy a durable and secure mat that will last for years to come!


  • Colour: Transparent
  • Material: Plastic
  • Overall Shape: Rectangular
  • Stain Resistant
  • Rollable/Foldable

£58.99 At OnBuy

5. Fireproof Fireplace Floormat

Product Details:

Introducing the Fireproof Fireplace Floormat – the perfect way to protect your deck or grass from burns, heat damage, heat warping, grease splatter, cement stains, and more! This barbecue mat is designed to fit most square fireplaces and fire pits. It can even be customized to fit your square fire pit or barbecue perfectly.

The mat features an anti-slip and waterproof backing to keep it firmly in place and lock in any engine oil, gasoline, coolant or transmission oil. With the Fireproof Fireplace Floormat, you can enjoy your fire pit or BBQ, knowing that your deck, deck or grass is safe from any potential damage. Get yours today and rest easy with the Fireproof Fireplace Floormat!


  • Length – 120.0 cm
  • Width – 100.0 cm
  • Size – 39*72/39*60 / 39*47 inches.

£16.99 At OnBuy

6. Floor Protection Mat 

Product Details:

Say goodbye to damaged flooring with our Floor Protection Mat! This mat provides the perfect solution for protecting your beautiful, high-quality floors from everyday messes and mishaps. Whether you need it to protect your entryway from dirty shoes or to keep your office chair from causing scratches, this mat is sure to do the trick. Plus, you can use it as an underlay for heavy furniture or plant pots in your living area or prevent grease splatters, falling food, and liquids in the kitchen. With our Floor Protection Mat, you can keep your floors looking new and avoid expensive renovation costs. Get it now and keep your floors looking beautiful and lasting longer!


  • Colour – Transparent
  • Material – Plastic
  • Overall Shape – Rectangular
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Product Care – Cleaned with a damp cloth

£48.99 At Wayfair. UK

7.  Forcier Kitchen Mat

Product Details:

The Forcier Kitchen Mat by Rosdorf Park – is the perfect addition to your home! This stylish mat will add a decorative flair to your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, or outdoor space. The Forcier Kitchen Mat is also practical, with a non-slip surface that makes it perfect for everyday use. And when you need to clean it, just a quick wipe with water will do the trick! Add the Forcier Kitchen Mat to your home today for a beautiful, practical floor covering.


  • Upper Material – Coconut
  • Backing Material – PVC
  • Location – Indoor Use Only
  • Stain Resistant

£44.99 At Wayfair UK

 8.  Anti-Bacterial Memory Foam Bath Mat 

Product details:

Step into comfort and luxury with this Anti-Bacterial Memory Foam Bath Mat by Catherine Lansfield. The added memory foam and anti-bacterial treatment make this bath mat a must-have in any bathroom. This mat is ethically sourced overseas and made to quality and human-ecological safety standards.

The anti-bacterial treatment helps to prevent mould and bacteria growth for up to 20 washes – making it a safe, long-lasting choice for your bathroom. The mat easily fits into any bathroom styling, and additional bathroom accessories are also available. Make sure your bathroom looks its best with this Anti-Bacterial Memory Foam Bath Mat by Catherine Lansfield.


  • Shape – Rectangle
  • Material –  100% Polyester
  • Non-Slip Backing Material – PVC
  • Product Care – Machine washable at 30 degrees
  • Antimicrobial 

£17.78 At OnBuy

9. Symple Stuff Gilder Bath Mat

Product Details:

The 2 Piece Set Rectangle/U-Shaped Bath Mat by Wayfair Basic is the perfect way to add a bit of comfort, style and functionality to your bathroom. This set of two mats includes a rectangular bathmat and a pedestal mat for the toilet; both are made from 100% microfibre chenille with a non-slip latex backing material. They are incredibly absorbent, soft underfoot and provide excellent cushioning for your feet. With this set, you can enjoy the luxurious, cosy feel of a spa-like bathroom in the comfort of your own home.


  • Shape: Rectangle – U-shaped
  • Material Composition – 100% Microfiber Chenille
  • Non-Slip Backing Material – Latex
  • Product Care – The machine washes in cold water using mild detergent. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Shake regularly to lift the pile. Do not wash it together with other items.

£42.99 At Wayfair

 10. Premier Housewares Welcome Doormat

Product Details:

Welcome your guests with the Force Doormat by Rosdorf Park. This stylish and sophisticated doormat adds a touch of elegance to your entryway and sets a positive tone for the day ahead. This doormat, crafted from high-quality fibre material, is designed to hold dirt and moisture, so your home stays clean and dry. Perfect for those who want to make a great first impression, the Force Doormat is an essential addition to any home.


  • Upper Material – Coconut
  • Backing Material – PVC
  • Non-Slip Backing
  • Location – Outdoor Use O
  • Product Care – Not machine washable 

£15.49 At OnBuy

 11. Wash+Dry Tilea Doormat

Product Details:

Bring life to your outdoor space with the Swarey Bee Kitchen by August Grove! This vibrant rectangular carpet is woven with a beautiful bee design and is perfect for gardens, patios, and terraces. With its reversible design, you can use either side for a fresh, new look. And, with its porous material, you can easily rinse off dirt and debris to keep it looking clean and beautiful. So, bring a touch of nature to your outdoor space with the Swarey Bee Kitchen by August Grove!


  • Upper Material – Polypropylene plastic
  • Backing Material – Polypropylene plastic
  • Non-Slip Backing
  • Location – Outdoor Use Only
  • Stain Resistant
  • Product Care – Not machine washable 

£169.99 At Wayfair

 12. Baby Crawling Puzzle Playmat

Product Details:

The Baby Crawling Puzzle Playmat by Zoomie Kids is the perfect way to bring fun and learning to your home. This high-density EVA foam playmat is free of harmful lead, BPA, and phthalates and provides the perfect surface for your little one to crawl, play, and explore. Each tile contains a removable number or symbol, mixing-refining-foaming-cutting and comes ready to assemble, so you won’t have to worry about it coming apart while your baby plays.

This mat will protect your floors from scratches, knocks, and dents while transforming into a comfortable and warm area for your baby. It’s ideal for use in bedrooms, living rooms, daycares, preschools, playrooms, and other play areas. With this Baby Crawling Puzzle Playmat, your child can learn to practice numbers, do simple arithmetic, and engage in any number of creative games. Get ready to get your Zoomie Kids on!


  • Material Composition – 100% Foam
  • Waterproof
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Non-Slip Surface
  • Interlocking Tiles

£43.99 At Wayfair

13. La Gallina Matta Placemat & Runner Unisex

Product Details:

Discover the perfect addition to your home décor with the Solid Colour Round Placemat by Argon Tableware. This beautiful and hand-crafted placemat is the perfect way to add a traditional style to your home. With a simplistic design, these placemats will add texture to your dinner table or a subtle touch to your coffee table. These placemats, made from dried and woven sea grass, are available in 3 different designs to create the perfect mix-and-match combination. Enhance your home with the Solid Colour Round Placemat by Argon Tableware.


  • Seagrass fibres
  • Colour – Gold
  • Overall Shape – Round
  • Recommended Wash Type – Hand Wash / Spot Clean
  • Reversible
  • Lead-Free

£21 At Yoox


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